Our customers love our guitars and here’s the proof:

Many musicians think a guitar has to be expensive for the instrument to be deemed ‘worthy’ of owning. But guitars have come a long way over the past 20 years, and good/great quality instruments are on the market.

Imagine a Research and Development team of luthiers going to their ‘Dragon’s Den’ style hierarchy, to say “Look, we have designed a guitar which is such poor quality it will never get a good review, and we will be lucky to sell ten!” It’s not going to happen, is it! That’s why this guitar is such a delight at just shy of £100 including carriage.

No, I had not heard of the Badger Guitar Co, but I liked the unusual body shape from first seeing it, and the rest of the instrument – build quality / hardware etc, is impressive too. The action is great, the Humbuckers do their job, (though most players stick their instruments through a Tube Screamer at the very least to achieve ‘Their Sound’) and unlike my first guitar 50 years ago, the ‘action / strings’ don’t beat a newcomers fingertips into submission, thus putting off a prospective Eric Clapton or Slash.

OK, I have only owned this for a few hours, and I am by no means a ‘great’ player, but I have made, studied and loved guitars enough to know when I have an absolute corker, and for me, the Badger guitars will be a favourite for beginners and the seasoned player very soon.


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